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Multimedia & Internet

Design of digital-format communicative support

The Excelencias Group counts on a digital product development group made up of a professional team for the creative design of visual communication means.

The designs of communicative supports are adjusted to the company’s corporate image and it can even be created –if necessary. Therefore, each and every project requires a preliminary study of the company’s own image and the communicative goals it intends to carry through.

The development group always conducts a study based on available information and whereby it plans both the architecture and design of a website, a multimedia or a banner of choice.

Fares for each and every project are adjusted depending on the kind of project to be developed.

Our job may include:

  • Project planning
  • Script writing
  • Writing and editing of texts
  • Translation of texts and interface
  • Making, editing and digitalization of videos
  • Audio recording and editing
  • Voice-over
  • Photography, editing and digitalization of images
  • Programming
  • Graphic animation
  • Interface design
  • Cover design
  • General editing

Production includes:

  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM in specified quantities
  • Data burning in CD or DVD
  • Jewel case making and labeling
  • Wrapping

Types of Multimedia

  • Promotional, catalogs and institutional:
    The multimedia product is a format on the rise within the advertising sector, widely used when presenting catalog or promotional information of a company, product or service. In the travel sector, it’s chosen to show off the features of hotels, facilities or destinations, with the end public being professionals, tour operators, travel agents, guides, journalists and tourists. The use of multimedia in the institutional sector is widespread, especially on a communicative or didactical basis.
  • Congress Multimedia:
    The multimedia format is specially useful when capturing mementos of a particular event, as well as when informing its results and experiences. The possibility of showcasing texts, audio files and recorded footage of the event allows for packing the entire congress in CD-ROM or DVD-ROM format, thus offering the experience of a virtual attendance to its working sessions and functions.

We give you the following offers:

  • To be delivered at the opening
  • It could include the event’s schedule, summaries of paper works, posters, general texts, images, videos, etc.
  • To be delivered after the closing
  • Recording of the event’s sessions and functions in audio, video and photographs. Ordering of paper works, lectures, slideshows, posters, etc. We offer on-the-spot making and production of an end product ready to delivered four hours following the closing of the event.
  • Incentive Multimedia:
    Specially designed for tourism agencies. Photography and videos of experiences within a particular incentive group. It includes texts on visited places, attendant lists, etc. To be delivered before the group departs.

It includes:

  • Script, text writing, interface design, cover making, photography, making of videos, interface translatio

Making of all kinds of promotional catalogs, congress memoirs, incentive trips, scientific texts and other multimedia formats.

Making of all kinds of publicity ads (banners, pop-ups, layers, etc)