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2010 Editorial Plan

Publications for the Year:

No. 5
American Art Fair, Miami, USA (March 26- 29, 2010)
Zona Maco Fair, D.F., Mexico (April 14- 18, 2010)
Catalonia International Tourism Fair SITC, Spain (April 15- 18, 2010)
Tianguis, Mexico (25 al 28 de Abril 2010)
FITCuba, Cuba (May 3-8, 2010)
Miami Pow Wow, USA (May 15- 19, 2010)

Editorial deadline: Feb. 22, 2010
Publicity deadline: Feb. 22, 2010
Send to press: February 26, 2010
Finish printing: March 11, 2010
Circulation: March 17, 2010

No. 6
Art Ba Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 28-June 12, 2010)

Editorial deadline: May 24, 2010
Publicity deadline: May 24, 2010
Send to press: May 28, 2010
Finish printing: June 11, 2010
Circulation: June 21, 2010

 Editorial Themes for No. 5 and No. 6 issues:

Permanent sections: architecture, graphic design, caricature, the archivist, at your own risk, and art on the web.

  1. Interview to Julio Le Parc, seizing on his visit to Casa de las Américas on a personal exhibit project.
  2. News and evaluative coverage of Arteamérica and Artbo fairs.
  3. News and evaluative article about the newly opened Cuban Fine Arts Museum in Vienna. Written by Hortensia Montero.
  4. Texts already delivered in our editorial department about Cuban artists Nadal Antelmo, Ernesto Benítez, William Hernández and Ernesto Leal.
  5. Interview to Cuban artist Eduardo Roca (Chocolate) by David Mateo.
  6. Making up realities: Cuban art video coming out, by Nahela Hechavarría Pouymiró (delivered)
  7. Text pending for delivery about alternative spaces in Latin America by artist and curator Félix Suazo.
  8. News and evaluative article about the impact of our magazine in a conference of art magazine editors held last November and organized by Casa de las Américas.
  9. Evaluative text about plastic arts in the Caribbean by Yolanda Wood.
  10. Evaluative writing about plastic arts in the Amazon region by Orlando Hernández.
  11. Evaluative text about León Ferrari’s work. Written by Director of the Wifredo Lam Centre, Jorge Fernández.
  12. Books: La casa habanera by Madeline Menéndez (Architect Alina Ochoa Alomá). The book was awarded the 2009 critics prize to technical and scientific books. Cuba, Arte e Historia..., editado en Argentina (by Hortensia Montero). The caricature in Cuba (author: Ares), reviewed by researcher Axel Li.

No. 7
Art Bo, Bogota, Colombia (October 2010)
PINTA Contemporary Latin American Art Fair, New York (November 2010)
Miami Art Bassel, EUA (December 2-5, 2010)
EMT, World Tourism Fair, Mexico (September 2010*)

WTM, World Travel Market, Reino Unido (November 8- 11, 2010)
EIBTM, Barcelona, Spain (November 30-December 2, 2010)
Editorial deadline: August 20, 2010
Publicity deadline: August 20, 2010
Send to press: September 3, 2010
Finish printing: September 18, 2010
Circulation: September 22¸ 2010

No. 8
Arco, Spain (February 2011)
 Fitur, Spain (January 2011)
BIT Milan, Italy (February 2011)
Habano Cigar Festival (February 2011)

Editorial deadline: November 15, 2010
Publicity deadline: November 15, 2010
Send to press: November 19, 2010
Finish printing: December 3, 2010
Circulation: December 8, 2010

Editorial Themes for No. 7 and No. 8 issues:

Permanent sections: architecture, graphic design, caricature, the archivist, at your own risk, and art on the web.

  1. Evaluative text about the work of Cuban drawer and painter Roberto Fabelo.
  2. Evaluative text about ARCO, and Art Madrid.
  3. Evaluative text about Sao Paolo Biennial (Brazil).
  4. Evaluative text about End of the World Biennial by Ibis Abascal.
  5. Report about Cundo Bermúdez’s work, written by researcher Eugenio Marrón.
  6. Evaluative work about plastic arts in Chile by Margarita González, expert with the Wilfredo Lam Modern Art Center.
  7. Opinion Poll about art market (within the framework of Havana Auction). A questionnaire addressed to Luis Miret, Rufo Caballero, Rafael Acosta, David Mateo, Nelson Herrera Ysla and to other artists who were carefully selected for the survey, among them Montoto, Bejarano, Fabelo, Roberto Diago, Kcho and Pedro Pablo Oliva.
  8. Text about FothoEspaña, assigned to art critic Andrés Isaac.
  9. Publication of a dossier about dreams: by Cuban writer Soleida Ríos. The article embodies the dreams of artists René Francisco, Ponjuan, Sandra Ramos, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Fabelo, Reinerio Tamayo and Rocío García.
  10. Create a permanent section of testimonial photographs depicting different regions of the Americas and the Caribbean.
  11. Texts about Peru’s Micromuseo experience, which was on the spotlight of Chile's Triennial and a report on the reopening of Museo del Barrio in New York.
  12. Books: Camnitzer (by Carolina Lara). Amelia Pelaez. Memoirs. Cuban Art Encyclopedia. Mariano Rodríguez.


Clarifying Note: The themes and texts proposed for the 2010 issues are indistinctively presented in two blocks: one of them refers to the No.5 and 6 editions and the other one to the No.7 and 8 editions; The contents to be finally included on each of the four annual editions will be early-enough adjusted and submitted for final approval.


About Americas Art, Miami, USA
It is an annual event addressed to galleries, art institutions, artists, art critics, art researchers and curators of Latin America seeking to announce the new values of modern art in the region and facilitate the promotion and commercialization of today’s artistic productions.
All international magazines specializing in plastic arts that enjoy wide coverage in terms of launching and promotion participate in the event holding its 8th edition this year.
Within the artistic world in the United States and specifically in Miami's circuit of galleries, this Fair has been increasingly gaining ground as a space for gathering and exchange about home-made and foreign art.
The Fair features areas specially designed for the occasion like a Video Box, Project Room and regional Pavilions which have received representations from Argentina, Mexico and Cuba.
About Zona Maco Fair, Mexico
It is Mexico’s International Contemporary Art Fair, formerly known as FEMACO, and currently referred to as ZONA MACO Mexico Contemporary Art held in Centro Banamex. This year the fair introduces a special section called Zona Maco Sur for South American galleries. Likewise, Zona Maco Monterrey fair will take place from September 2-5.
About Catalonia International Tourism Show, Barcelona, Spain
In previous years, this show has welcomed more than 194,000 visitors and up to 1,300 exhibitors from 62 countries, all together ensuring the success of the event. Therefore, this year’s Catalonia 2010 International Tourism Show is hoping to surpass those numbers to meet the visitors’ expectations.
Among other benefits Catalonia 2010 International Tourism Show 2010 gives visitors the chance to establish commercial relations leading to fruitful negotiation on an individual basis that in turn foster the industry.

Among sectors covered by Catalonia 2010 International Tourism Show are:
• Official Organizations
• Lodging
• Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
• Carriers
• Cultural and Leisure Tourism
• On-line Tourism
• Gastronomic Tourism
• Nautical clubs
• Camping & caravanning
• Active Tourism
• Travel Complements
• LGTB Tourism, “Pink Corner”
• Services
• Desert Tourism
• “Mad Travelers” route tourism
• Cruise companies
• Hiking
• Senior Citizen Tourism
• Religious Tourism
The show is absolutely a not-to-be-missed event as it attracts key players of the industry, companies, suppliers and visitors to, Fira Barcelona, which hosts the event from April 16-18 with the primary goal of promoting the latest trends and finest novelties launched by the Tourism Industry, the Hotel Industry, among others.

About Tianguis Tourist Fair of Mexico
With more than 500 exhibiting companies grouped in 430 business suites and at least 1,000 buyers from 28 countries, 57 percent international and 43 percent national, in attendance, the number-1 tourist marketplace promoting Mexico as a destination in the first place.
As every year, Tianguis Turístico is attended by countries entering the picture as potential markets for Mexico either in the long or mid run. Gearing up to enter this year’s show are China, a market that we have been exploring and in which we have already gained some ground and Russia, also showing appealing indicators for our market.

About FITCUBA (International Tourism Fair)
FITCUBA is the most important event in the Cuban tourism industry focused on promoting the traits of the Cuba Destination for different markets and publics. Among other products, the fair brings out the island’s patrimonial cities, many of which have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in recognition of their preservation values.
A highlight will be the offer of circuit tourism, tours and excursions considered not only as Cuban tourism’s key features but hallmarks distinguishing the island from its competence in the area. The Fair seeks to market Cuba’s historical and cultural attractions as well, the wealth and variety of over five-century old architectural styles merging in harmony with each other making Cuba a different destination.

About Pow Wow, Miami, USA
USA International Pow Wow Travel is the international market for first-class travel and it is the greatest generator of trip visits to the United States. It is not a conventional trade fair. In barely three days of computer generated pre-scheduled business meetings involving more than 1,000 US travel organizations from all regions of the country, displaying all sectors included in the tourism industry category, and the participation of some 1,500 national and international buyers from more than 70 countries, the commercial negotiations conducted in the fair have resulted in the generation of more than $3.8 billions for future US trip Visits.  In International Pow Wow, all buyers and sellers have the opportunity to lead business activities that otherwise would be done in an exhausting series of all-over-the-world trips.

About Art Ba Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is held yearly in La Rural, Buenos Aires’ par-excellence exhibition center, which receives creators of all art expressions.

About ArtBo, Bogotá, Colombia
Bogotá is a cultural city rich in contrasts which bids for exchange of experiences and feeling and generates spaces to gather a wide range of art expressions and the creations of settled young artists.

Within this multifaceted and cosmopolitan environment, the Bogota International Art Fair has been successfully taking place every year since 2005. It has been consolidated as one of the most important trade showcases seeking to strengthen the cultural industry, at the time that it fosters artistic exchange in Latin America. National and international galleries gather to show the works by their represented artists and to set up business deals.
Artbo is organized by the cultural body of Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce, a private non-profit entity to promote economic growth, foster competitiveness and improve the quality of life of the people and business men of Bogotá and all 59 municipalities of the department of Cundinamarca making up its Jurisdiction. This entity has stood out for its efforts in favor of culture with the main goal of improving the quality of life of Bogotá’s inhabitants and visitors, bolstering the cultural industries and supporting city circuits.
Experiences in other cities of the world have shown that art fairs stimulate tourism growth, generate culture and improve competition in the targeted region. That being so Artbo looks to strengthen productivity of the country by encouraging the expansion, development and competitiveness of cultural industries. Furthermore, it seeks to generate jobs, bring out emerging talents and present Bogotá internationally as a city for investment, business and tourism.

About PINTA The Contemporary Latin American Art Fair, New York, USA
PINTA promises to be a unique annual fair for participating galleries to display and sell the finest artistic productions coinciding with the art auctions of Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and with important exhibits in museums and cultural institution in New York city.
The organizers of the fair have invited first-rated art galleries of the United States, Latin America and Europe to participate. PINTA will be an exclusive event gathering 35 select galleries that will display abstract, concrete, neo-concrete, kinetic, conceptual art pieces and other museum-quality representations of modern artistic movements.

About Miami Art Basel, USA
Art Basel Miami Beach is the United States’ flagship of art exhibits, a cultural and social landmark for the Americas. It is the sister-show of Switzerland’s Basel Art which has been ranked as the most prestigious art show of the last 40 years. Art Basel Miami Beach combines a selection of top international galleries with an exciting program of special exhibits, parties and crossover events featuring music, movies, architecture and design. The exhibition areas are located in the beautiful Art Deco District near the beach and several hotels.
Art Basel Miami makes an exclusive selection of more than 250 important art galleries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It exhibits art pieces by more than 2,000 artists created during both the 20th and 21st centuries. Exhibiting galleries are among the most respected art dealers of the world offering exceptional pieces by both world-known artists and cutting edge new comers. Sections for special exhibits cover young galleries, performance art shows, public art and video art projects. The show will be a vital source for art lovers to catch up with the latest development in contemporary art.
First-class exhibitions hosted by all museums across South Florida and special programs for art collectors and museums’ curators turn the event into a special encounter with art. Every year a larger number of art collectors, artists, distributors, curators, critics and art lovers from all over the world participate in Art Basel Miami Beach – the favorite winter meeting place in the international art world.

About EMT (World Tourism Expo), Mexico
The World Tourism Expo (EMT) brings together the world’s leading tourism companies with the aim of fostering economic and social growth in the region.
The show usually dedicates two days to professional buyers and other two to the great market of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. In the facilities of the Centro Banamex exhibition center regional pavilions are decorated with touches representing each participating country, while a global pavilion is set up for transnational corporation and international institutions stands and for other parallel activities.
The program includes workshops, keynote lectures about topics of interest for the professionals of tourism.  Some of the lectures deal with the following topics: Excellence in World Tourism, Latin American Vision of Tourism, Relation between wholesale companies and travel agencies. The event features as well the launching of products and/or services by participating companies, states and countries.
Top-ranking global companies SABRE and AMADEUS will teach training workshops about their online booking systems to travel agencies.
Cultural performances are another highlight of the event with shows, theater plays, dance performances and the music that enriches the culture and traditions of each participating country scheduled for every single day of the fair.  Even a gastronomic pavilion where visitors can taste delicacies of the world cuisine in a combination of four restaurants offering typical food and drinks from each represented country.
The World Tourism Expo presents products and services provided by tourism office representatives from several countries, airlines, hotel chains, cruise companies, amusement parks and independent tour operators, among other sectors.

About WTM (World Travel Market), London, United Kingdom
It is the world fair for the travel industry organized every year in London; World Travel Market is a must-go four-day vibrant city for business, the presentation of a wide range of destinations and sectors of the industry in the United Kingdom and for international travel professionals. It is a unique opportunity for joint world commerce covering travel, networks, negotiation and to do business, all under the same roof.
By attending WTM, participants immediately obtain in an efficient, effective and productive way a competitive advantage for their business and are able to keep up to date on the latest developments of the travel industry.
The exhibitors are: Lodging, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, financing services, Tourism Offices, destinations, golf, media, chambers of tourism, congress organizers, state-of-the-art technology suppliers, training, aquatic trips, tourist sites, entertainment suppliers. Among visitors are: hotels, airlines, airports, tourism suppliers, car rental companies, conference organizers, cruise companies, etc.

About EIBTM (Global Meetings & Incentives), Barcelona, Spain
EIBTM is the main exhibition for the conferences, incentive and business trips and congresses sector. EIBTM offers important opportunities for the best professional training, to meet the best professional contacts and to do the best business.   The event includes the EIBTM Prizes, the spa and welfare Zone and three exclusive offers for hosted buyers, an Internet Café, a contest by the World Technological Observatory and a world media Hall for partners.

EIBTM’s exhibitors are suppliers of the congress and incentives industry. Suppliers can showcase their products in EIBTM as mian holder of a stand or as “Co-exhibitor”. EIBTM contains areas for specializing exhibitors: the MPI Technological Village and the Village for Services to Events. EIBTM offers several opportunities for the presentation of trademarks and sponsoring either before or during the event.
EIBTM’s visitors are executives in charge of business trip, congress, conference, events and incentive trips planning. Among them are: Agencies, associations, large companies and professional organizations of conferences (PCO). Professionals of the congress sector go to EIBTM to catch up with the latest products, services, destinations and trends. Visitors can register to attend EIBTM on line and free of charge.
Hosted buyers are top sales representatives who meet strict requirements set by EIBTM which pays for their flight and lodging. The selection criteria includes: purchasing power, annual budget, number of events led a year and amount of international business deals led. Hosted buyers are committed to attend all pre-scheduled appointments with exhibitors previously selected through a buyer homologation system. EIBTM offers customized professional training programs for hosted buyers from associations, agencies and big companies.

About Art Madrid, Spain
Art Madrid fair especially embraces Spanish contemporary art, It is the second-ranked fair in Spain for the number of participating galleries and its exhibition space. Its 5th edition will be held this year.
Some of the most prestigious galleries will attend this year’s Art Madrid to show works by today’s leading Spanish artists. A selection of 60 galleries will be visited by an estimate of more than 40,000 art lovers.
Art Madrid will feature a space dedicated to emerging art included in the Young Art Program addressed to younger galleries and artists.
Furthermore, this year’s fair falls within the Official Program for the celebration of Bicentennials of the independenceof Latin American countries. For that reason, the fair will have an space specially dedicated to the date, with an exhibition of pieces by emerging Latin American artists with residence in Spain.
On the other hand, we have put together the Art Madrid of Unique Work on Paper Collection exhibit including original, non-registered works on paper by Spanish contemporary artists. The collection accepts any pictorial techniques on paper except for graphic reporductios and it will include works done over the last 40 years.
For this upcoming edition, Art Madrid will introduce a VIP program for art collectors.

2010 Art Madrid is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. The defense of Spanish contemporary art, with the participation of more than 80 percent of Spanish galleries that will present works by today’s Spanish artists.
  2. The complementary character of Art Madrid as compared with the rest of the fairs held in the country.
  3. The commercial character of the Fair which turns Art Madrid’s spotlight on art collectors.

About Arcomadrid, Spain
Gallery managers, art collectors and professionals worldwide will meet in Madrid on February 17-21 for ARCOmadrid_ 2010, International Contemporary Art Fair. Due to its growing influence, the event is placed among the top platforms of the world artistic market and turns Madrid into the Mecca of contemporary plastic arts.
As the greatest highlight of the upcoming Fair is the participation as guest of honor of the US city of Los Angeles, one of main scenarios of present-day artistic trends. With his PANORAMA program, ARCOmadrid bids for a city rather than for a country as it had done over the past few decades and L.A. has been selected for its dynamism and creative diversity which have won it a space among the leaders of the world art market. This presentation marks the beginning of a series of Fairs that will bring to Madrid contemporary plastic arts scenes not only through country representations but also through the presence of the most important regions or cities as part of a whole world that grows more diverse and plural beyond national borders.
Thus, through a selection of 17 galleries, organized by Kris Kuramitsu and Christopher Miles, the public will be offered an approach in PANORAMA: Los Ángeles to a sample of creators and halls showing “a great range of works of art in terms of technique, genre and trend,” the commissioners assured.

Works produed by “artists from different generations, backgrounds and notoriety levels” in a selection that seeks, above all, "vitality in all of its forms, while trying to be as representative as possible of the panorama of a city,” even when Los Angeles “is constantly surprising and of which one can not give a totalizing point of view,” according to Kuramitsu and Miles.

L.A., a city for art
“As a city for art, Los Angeles became and continues to be the great center for artistic production, distribution and discourse in a moment when all centers are loosing control and lack a 'school' or ruling movement,” the experts responsible for the exhibition explained. Those artistic trends that used to define cities in other times, “are replaced here by such a plurality and promiscuous activities that makes it difficult to create a monolithic identity.”
Actually, just like ARCOmadrid_ 2010 will show, “even though the history of L.A.’s artistic is undoubtedly shorter than that of many other cities, it is quite denser and more complex as it reflexes not only an artistic overview that reached maturity,- and we are not talking only about its artists but also about its schools, museums, alternative spaces, sponsors and galleries-  in a transition era between the end of the modern period and post-modernity, determined by the diversity and plurality itself of artistic practices resulting from great changes that took place within arts, the art academy and society as a whole.”
It can be very specially stated that this 21st- century metropolis “enjoys a highly wealthy multigenerational artistic culture, mostly as a result of its influential position –maintained for decades–, its network of private art academies and  schools, and art departments in both private and public universities," as stated by Panorama: Los Angeles’s commissioners.

About FITUR (International Tourism Fair), Spain
Fitur, Madrid,  is one of world’s premier Tourism fair with more than 10,000 exhibiting companies from 170 countries and 120,000 visitors.
Fitur is divided into four sections: 
Fitur Congreses, an exclusively professional meeting for Incentive and Tour Operators Tourism.
Fitur Active, dedicated to Active tourism
Fitur Know-how, Show for tourism tips
Fitur Residential, dedicated to residential tourism. Fitur brings in new tourism strategies, the advertisement of new products, destinations and marketing actions. Fitur focuses on such sectors as hospitality industry, spare time, tourism agencies, and others.

About BIT Milan, Italy
It is Milan’s International Tourism Market, the most important event of its type in Italy and one of the highest-welcomed trade fairs of the tourism sector in the world. Every year BIT Milan attracts more than 6,000 exhibitors from 152 countries and 155,000 visitors from 146 nations. The Fair embraces three major themes: Italy, as destination; the World, with the all destination offers for Italy and other countries  and The Tourist Collection comprising all TTOO, AAVV, hotel chains, air, sea and train carriers and service companies. Two sub-events complete the exhibition show: Bit Technology revealing the state-of-the-art technology used in the tourism industry at present, and Certicibit, an event dedicated to good eating habits and high-quality productions.

 About Habano Cigar Festival, Cuba
The International Habano Cigar Festival is an annual event to bring forth the excellence of Cuba-made cigars. The Trade Fair is the ideal opportunity for technical and commercial exchange between businessmen, artisans, artists, cigar dealers or manufacturers, who display and sell products related to tobacco growing, machinery, craftworks, paintings, bibliographies, luxury accessories and gourmet products for smokers in spaces rented out either by companies, country's representatives or organizations. It is considered the number-1 event of the cigar world; The Festival is organized by the Habanos S.A. joint venture –Cuba’s world cigar distribution company- and the TABACUBA business group in charge of Habanos' production.

About Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland (June 16- 20, 2010)

It is the world’s foremost Fair displaying modern international art and contemporary works by close to 300 leading galleries of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. More than 2,500 artists from great masters of modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars are represented in different sections of the Fair’s program. The exhibition displays best-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, videos and works in general.
Up to 61,000 people walked through the doors of Art 40 Basel, among them art collectors, dealers, artists, curators and art lovers, among others.
With its world-class museums, outdoor sculptures, theatres, concert halls, the idyllic medieval architecture in contrast with modern buildings of the city, Art Basel emerges as the Mecca of world culture. In Art Basel, this traditional city is filled with a fascinating atmosphere, while the international art exhibition expands with cultural events held across the region.