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E-commerce has made a bigger splash in the region’s countries, from the purchase of home appliances with dealership services and the shipping of gifts and flowers to the booking of such conveniences as hotel rooms, cars, buses, phones, tours and a whole lot more.

Good cases in point in this line are:

  • Mallhabana: Online shops to Cuba. Deliveries to Cuba. Shops and deliveries to Cuba
    An online convenient store to shop items for friends and relatives in Cuba from anywhere else under the sun. Hinging on contacts between goods providers and transportation companies, MallHabana boasts an ample assortment of items and delivery times that sway from 24 hours in Havana City to 21 days tops for inland provinces.
  • Electrodita: Your shops to Cuba. Deliveries to Cuba. Shops and deliveries to Cuba
    Virtual store selling home appliances online. It features all kinds of items sold by DITA S.A. and provides shopping conveniences for online customers through credit-card payments.
    Online transportation booking website that puts Viazul Company’s fares and tickets at the beck and call of Netizens through credit-card payments.
    Virtual flower store with customized distribution. It presents an array of flower bouquets that can be purchased online through credit-card payments.