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E-Mail marketing

Email is an active tool we can make use of to communicate in a personalized fashion with each and every potential customer.

The Excelencias Group gives its customers the possibility of sending promotional emailed messages to their own mailing lists through the company’s database of over 366,000 contacts in 147 countries, all of them organized by sectors, professions and posts.

This email-based marketing distribution service includes advisory in content publicity and safe distribution from the customer’s personal email address contained in a domain of his or her own.

E-marketing guarantees timely distribution of the customer’s messages in just a few hours, thus making the perfect platform for the execution of marketing and communication campaign in a fast and effective way.

This convenience includes:

  • Distribution of messages from the company’s own domain
  • The possibility of including contacts that are in the company’s best interest
  • Customized delivery
  • Follow-up information and statistics
  • Message format (text, HTML, etc)
  • Invalid address management (for new addresses the company wants to send info to)

Price for the service:

If the customer sends his or her own database, the price for this service is $500

For delivery of information through the Excelencias Group’s own database, the fares are specified below:

- $1,000 for delivery to the entire database
- $700 for delivery up to 100 countries from the database
- $500 for delivery up to 66 countries from the database
- $350 for delivery up to 32 countries from the database
- $250 for delivery to 1 sector within the database

Either way, the Excelencias Group provides the design of an email marketing platform to be approved by the customer at no additional charge.

*Our deliveries are not marked as spam because our company complies with all international laws for the sending of massive mail.