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Multimedia & Internet

Designing of portals, websites, publicity banners.

Design of Information Building. Graphic Design.

The group’s digital product development team is staffed with creative professionals in visual communication that works on the company’s corporate image and on the making of a message intended to guarantee the flow of information. Its primary objective is to reach out to all the senses and touch the feelings.

Designs comply with the company’s corporate image as construed by the Excelencias Group.

The Design Team is made up of a communicator, a writer and a designer. Each and every one of them conducts a preliminary study of the company’s mage in a bid to get the job done. In the case of the digital team, this one always carries out an informational study, organizes and leads the building of the website, multimedia or publicity banner, and finally lays out the graphic design based on the available information.

Prices are adjusted in keeping with the project.