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The Excelencias Group presents its readers with the Art by Excelencias magazine. From the perspective of cultural journalism and specialized speech, the Art by Excelencias magazine intends to shed light on the latest trends and current goings of the contemporary arts in the Americas and the Caribbean, as well as to make room for debate on the perspectives and challenges faced by today’s creators and their different artistic expressions in those regions.

It’s in this publication’s best interest to deal with such major world-scope issues as art biennials and fairs, conditions seen in the fields of markets, public and private collectors, collective and individual expositions, the vindication of certain artistic expressions, the promotion of books and catalogs on arts, the contribution to the rescue of historic memories, the daily going of today’s creators in the region and the artworks of emerging artists, among other topics.

The magazine includes articles and essays on individual and collective pieces, interviews, graphic reports, blurbs, news updates and four permanent sections: The Book (dealing with artistic publications), All By Oneself (featuring reflections on the region’s ongoing artistic creation by Dr. Rufo Caballero), The Caricature (depicting the works of cartoonists by artist Aristides Hernandez –a.k.a. Ares- and The Archivist, in which researcher Jose Vegas comments historic developments and curiosities dealing with boldface names of the fine arts from the Americas and the Caribbean.

Art by Excelencias makes the rounds in fairs, biennials, institutions, museums and art galleries from the Americas and the Caribbean, and is distributed in a customized fashion among artists, curators, museologists, critics and researchers from all around the world.



Language: Spanish and English
Printout: 10,000 copies
Periodicity: Quarterly
Number of pages: 64 (+) cover and back cover
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Cover: Semi-gloss, 250 g
Interior: Semi-gloss, 125 g / 4x4
Binding: Paperback


Retail price per issue: $7 or 8 euros
Full-year subscription (4 issues): $45 or 32 euros


Full page: $2,000
Half a page: $1,000
Publicity report: $2,500 (two pages)

Other Specifications:
Discounts apply depending on ad placing timeframes:

     For six months….……………. 10%
     For a full year………………… 20%

The advertiser is fully responsible with the design and final arts. They must meet all technical and marketing requirements established by the Excelencias Group, though they can also be ordered to the publisher.

Images must be handed in with 28.5 x 21.5 cm for full pages, or 21.5 x 14.5 for half a page, with a 300 ppp resolution under CMYK mode and TIFF format.