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Motor Excelencias is a digital weekly publication of commercial and technical contents that targets the world of automobiles, motorcycles and industrial vehicles. It also deals with cutting-edge technology, the commerce industry, racing sports and the history of the motor vehicles.

Published by Exclusivas Latinoamericanas ELA, S.L., its information includes news, comments and technical reviews, as well as extensive coverage of all main motor events in the world.

The newspaper is emailed to subscribed readers through a mailing list of 268,783 professionals, with 60.61 percent of them (162,916) belonging to the travel and tourism sector, transportation, car and bike rentals, spare part and accessory dealers, transport operators, gas stations and repair shops, among others.

You may surf the newsletter’s contents directly by clicking on and request your weekly subscription absolutely free.

Top Sections

Novedades: news updates on the automobile industry

Alta velocidad: a look at the world’s fastest cars

Automotriz: latest presentation of new car brands and makes

Autos clásicos: antiques and classic cars that have made history

Deportes: news, interviews and details about racing competitions

Motos: Grand Prix GP: races, biographies of racers and news updates

Tecnología: under-the-hood inventions and creations

The Motor Excelencias online newspaper provides company related to the automobile industry with a chance to spread its outreach through the hiring of any of our services or the placing of advertising banners in different positions within its layout, including a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website.

Advertising fares in our publication are defined in line with its outreach and its prices are scattered in keeping with the position of ads within its format and the size of all advertising spaces. The table below explains it away.





798 X 90 pix


300 X 600 pix


300 X 600 pix


180 X 150 pix


230 X 33 pix


230 X 33 pix


180 X 150 pix


300 X 600 pix


300 X 600 pix


180 X 150 pix


180 X 150 pix


180 X 150 pix


180 X 150 pix


300 X 600 pix


300 X 600 pix


180 X 150 pix


88 X 31 pix


88 X 31 pix


88 X 31 pix


88 X 31 pix


88 X 31 pix


88 X 31 pix


468 X 60 pix


468 X 60 pix

Publicity Reports
This is a text format with four (4) images tops. The material and final arts are handed over to the customer and the report will be posted for a full month.

Price: 2,000 euros a month

Special Coverage
Highlighted and complete coverage of a particular event carried out an Excelencias Group reporter or based on notes sent by the customer.

Price: 600 to 1,500 euros, depending on the event’s scale and the coverage level.
*It could include informational notes such as assessment articles and interviews to executives, attendees and other participants.

Photo Gallery
In this section, customers are entitled to insert pictures of their companies or a particular event, plus a brief description as footnotes.

Price: 600 euros
*It could include a banner hyperlinked to the website’s homepage for a total price of 1,200 euros.

Section Sponsorship

Price: 7,000 euros a year
The sponsorship vignette provides the sponsor with the following services:

  • News coverage for a full year in the Motor Excelencias online newspaper.

  • Placing of your company’s logo on the upper side, hyperlinked with the sponsor’s website or an email address provided by the sponsor, featuring a customized web page inside our portal

  • A banner in our portal for six months, to be picked by the sponsor.

Email Marketing
E-marketing allows for timely distribution of a customer’s messages in just a few hours upon delivery. This makes it a perfect platform for making marketing and communication campaigns in an easy, quick way.

This convenience embraces email marketing design as approved by the customer at no extra charge at all.

  • An address, phone number and/or website of his or her own company.

  • The possibility of including key contacts for the company.

  • Customized deliveries.

  • Follow-up information and statistics.

  • Message format (txt, html, etc.)

Prices hover around 1,000 euros per delivery to the entire database’s listing, 250 euros per delivery to a customer’s particular sector, depending on the language, the number of countries and sectors.

News coverage for a full years in the Motor Excelencias online newspaper.

  • All-year-round news coverage in the Motor Excelencias online newspaper.

  • In the Motor Excelencias’ sections, the group’s strategy presentations, depending on the time of year and the launch or relaunch of it.

  • Posting of a number of interviews with the company’s top executives.

Other Specifications:
Discounts apply depending on ad placing timeframes:

     For six months….……………. 10%
     For a full year………………… 20%