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PORTAL CARIBEINSIDER is a portal brimming with illustrated information –both in English and Spanish- about the 43 nations and over 220 travel destinations in the Caribbean and the Americas. Its primary objective is to encourage and foster tourism development in the region through the use of cutting-edge technology..

The portal is outfitted with browsing conveniences, like the powerful homepage search engine that makes plentiful info available in a quick and effective fashion, including:

  • Full-fledged information about the selected country, its destinations, general information, hyperlinks, embassies, travel agencies, tour operators, cities and regions, celebrations and holidays, homeland symbols, personalities, typical cuisine and drinks, history, geography, population, hydrographic, economy, culture, the arts, heritage and religion, and photo gallery.
  • Information on services linked to accommodation, shopping, gourmet, transportation, entertainment, sightseeing spots from the selected country or travel destination.

It features the following channels:

  • Caribbean Excellences: Online version of all issues of the Caribbean Tourist Excellences magazine (
  • Caribbean News Digital: It contains all tourist, cultural, economic and social info on the Caribbean region posted on the Caribbean News Digital daily newsletter in english, spanish, portuguese and german(
  • Fairs and Congresses: This channel features schedules of congresses, fairs, expositions and meetings taking place in the region during the ongoing year.
  • Caribbean Culture: It allows browsing cultural information by country categories.
  • Maps: It contains geographical information of each and every country of the region.
  • Caribbean Religions. Devoted to the different African-origin religions and creeds practiced in the Caribbean, including a huge picture gallery about these topics and a vast dictionary of African-Caribbean religious terms.
  • Horoscopes: Dedicated to Orisha predictions, the Aztec horoscope and the Zodiac. This section allows netizens to have online consultations.
  • Postcards: It provides an ample gallery of digital postcards on such topics as animals, the arts, cities, culture, sports, entertainment, people, nature and plants of the Caribbean and the Americas.
  • Currency Exchange: It puts a universal currency converter at your fingertips.
  • Weather Reports: This browser lets you be hipped on weather conditions in the country or travel destination you want to travel to.
  • Trends & Markets: It provides up-to-the-minute information and analyses on the world’s major stock exchange markets between the opening and closing bells, commodities and comparative assessments between the U.S. dollar and the euro. This information is dispatched to a number of personalities through the Trends & Markets online newsletter.
  • Excellences in Training: It contains master lectures to travel industry professionals. Some of the topics deal with teaching methodology, communication, entertainment, professional training and educational upgrading.’s e-commerce channels have opened windows of opportunity for the purchase of electronic gizmos and home appliances with shipping and delivery systems of their own, as well as flowers, gifts and other presents distributed around countries in the region. Its main potentials are clustered in its convenient booking system –hotels, cars, phones, tours and a whole lot more.

The portal has its own publicity and advertisement channels powered up by means of banners, vignettes, buttons and promotional pages.