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Exclusivas Latinoamericanas ELA, S.L., publisher of Caribbean Tourist Excellencies, is introducing Markets & Trends, an online information service and newsletter that targets businesspeople.

Featuring a luring and straight-up design, the newsletter provides accurate and indispensable information on a daily basis for decision-makers in today’s business realm. It’s the right tool to execute the first step in any impresario’s daily going since it gives the possibility of doing a fast checkout of trends in the currency, staple and commodity markets, let alone remaining posted on the latest developments of the world economy.

The newsletter makes updated assessments of the world’s leading stock markets with closing figures, stats and authorized evaluations of all major financial and commodity markets. It also provides news updates on economics and the latest events in the entrepreneurial sector. It includes a column on the travel industry and related sectors, based on the importance it has for the Caribbean region.

Sectors addressed in the newsletter are agriculture and food industry, energy, metals and mining, tourism and transportation, building, banking, financial and insurance, information technology, telecommunications, light industry, pharmaceuticals, trade, marketing and publicity.


Basic Service - 1 year

Daily newsletter with info on currencies, commodities and news updates on the world economy. Monthly analyses of the world’s leading stock and currency markets.


500.00 Euros

Sponsorship Vignette 1 year
It included the following services:

  • Insertion of a vignette in the sponsorship section with the company’s institutional logo, hyperlink to the website or a customized website.  
  • A special monthly newsletter –at the institution’s request- featuring information about the sponsor and its operations.
  • Master lectures on current trends in the currency markets and other topics broached in the newsletter.
5 000.00 Euros